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Place of Origin JAPAN
Brand Name NACHI
Certification CE ISO
Model Number PVD-1B-23L3S-5G4053A
Min.Order Quantity 1pc
Price contact us
Packaging Details standrd package
Delivery Time 5-7 workdays
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 65 pcs

Product Features

PVD-1B-23L3S-5G4053A NACHI PISTON PUMP Features:

Design No. 30 is applied on PVS-0B to make the pump more compact and lighter, and reduce noise. ¡Production of PVS-3B has been discontinued. Use PZS-3B. ¡Pressure adjustment 3 type has been added to PVS-1B-22 and PVS-2B-45. (Design No. 20 is applied only on PVS-2B-45*3.)

Pressure rate control response is fast. The construction is simple, which improves reliability and eliminates problems.

Pressure balance of the shoe and the swash plate in the lateral direction is accomplished by discharged fluid directed to the cavity of the shoe --- For a completely hydraulically balanced assembly. The smooth operation achieved contributes to the features of high efficiency, low noise and extended life.

The NACHI flow adjusting mechanism, operating with the action of the semi-cylindrical swash plate, allows very sharp cut-off characteristics. Adjusting operation is easily made with a spanner tool.

The special shaped fluid flow port and minute grooves have been developed to reduce noise and thus makes the operating sound negligible.

The swash plate a semi-cylindrical design concept is an advancement to the conventional type. In addition to the innovative form, the swash plate adopts special bearings to control sideway motion. Consequently, power is received directly regardless of changes in the load. Stable operations can be achieved.

Energy-saving Type with Drastically Reduced Loss A NACHI-proprietary semi-circular barrel swash plate that receives pressure on its surface ensures a stable discharge volume at all times. This eliminates excess discharge volume, and enables the effective use of power corresponding to the load cycle. This "energy-saving type" conserves energy, reduces power loss, and helps to reduce hydraulic costs. Silent Type That Demonstrates Its Power Quietly Proprietary low-noise mechanisms are incorporated on the shoe, swash plate, valve plate, and other locations to ensure silent operation. In particular, a semi-circular barrel swash plate stabilizes operation chara.

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