Product Details

R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB Rexroth AZPF Series High Performance External Gear pump

Place of Origin Germany
Brand Name Rexroth
Certification CE ISO
Model Number QT63-80-A
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price contact us
Packaging Details standrd package
Delivery Time 5-7 work day
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 60 pcs

Product Features

Product Description

The model of Rexroth AZPF Series:

Product R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB

R918PT0550 AZPS-22-022RPR20MB
R918C03771 AZPS-11-008RCB20MB
R918C02883 AZPGF-11-038/004RCB2020MB
R918C02771 AZPGG-12-028/028LDC2020MB
R918C02740 AZPNF-11-032/014LDC0720KB-S0023
R918C02614 AZPNF-11-022/008RDC720KB-S0023
R918C02598 AZPNN-11-025/022RDC77KB-S0023
R918C02594 AZPNF-11-032/016RDC720KB-S0023
R918C02591 AZPNF-11-032/008RDC720KB-S0023

R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB
R918C02478 AZPF-10-022RSG20PB-S0012
R918C02445 AZPG-11-038LDC7KB-S0023
R918C02440 AZPN-11-025LDC7KB-S0023
R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB
R918C02381 AZPF-21-022LFB20MB
R918C02310 AZPF-22-022RHO30KB
R918C02301 AZPG-11-038RDC7KB-S0023
R918C02300 AZPN-11-032RDC7KB-S0023
R918C02298 AZPN-11-028RDC7KB-S0023
R918C02295 AZPN-11-022RDC7KB-S0023
R918C02293 AZPF-11-022RRR20KB-S0023
R918C02257 AZPF-12-022RRR20KB
R918C02248 AZPG-11-038RQC40MB
R918C02246 AZPG-11-032RQC40MB
R918C02215 AZPN-11-025RCB20MB
R918C02200 AZPF-12-022RCB20KB
R918C02184 AZPG-11-045RCB20MB
R918C02178 AZPG-11-028RCB20MB
R918C01919 AZPFF-12-016/004LCP2020KB-S0007
R918C01897 AZPFF-12-016/016LCP2020KB-S0007
R918C01895 AZPFF-12-016/008LCP2020KB-S0007
R918C01703 AZPFF-10-016/005RCB2020MB
R918C01556 AZPF-12-019LRR20KB
R918C01554 AZPF-10-016LRR20MB
R918C01537 AZPGG-22-032/022RDC0707KB-S0081
R918C01527 AZPF-11-016RAB1MB
R918C01519 AZPN-11-020RDC07KB-S0023
R918C01516 AZPF-11-016RRR20KB-S0023
R918C01473 AZPF-10-016RQR20MB
R918C01456 AZPF-12-019RRR20KB
R918C01454 AZPF-12-016RRR20MB
R918C01446 AZPF-10-016RCB20MB
R918C01432 AZPF-10-019RCB20MB
R918C01395 AZPF-11-016LCP20KB-S0007
R918C01130 AZPG-22-028LDC07KB
R918C01105 AZPFF-11-014/014RRR2020KB-S0023
R918C01018 AZPFF-10-014/004RCB2020MB-S0014
R918C00826 AZPF-12-014LRR20MB
R918C00806 AZPF-10-011LFB20MB
R918C00804 AZPF-10-011LCB20MB
R918C00793 AZPF-11-011RAB1MB
R918C00787 AZPF-11-014RRR20KB-S0023
R918C00786 AZPF-11-011RRR20KB-S0023
R918C00704 AZPF-10-014RRR20MB
R918C00700 AZPF-10-014RCB20MB
R918C00690 AZPF-10-011RCB20MB
R918C00503 AZPFFF-10-008/005/005RRR202020MB
R918C00437 AZPF-10-010LRR12MB
R918C00421 AZPF-10-008LCB20MB
R918C00375 AZPF-10-008RQR20MB
R918C00356 AZPF-10-008RCB20MB
R918C00250 AZPF-11-005LRR20KB-S0023
R918C00237 AZPF-10-005LFB20MB
R918C00229 AZPF-11-005RRR20KB-S0023
R918C00217 AZPF-10-005RQR20MB
R918C00213 AZPF-10-005RRR20MB
R918C00212 AZPGG-11-038/032RDC0707KBS0023
R918C00143 AZPNN-11-032/032RDC0707KB-S0023
R918C00140 AZPF-11-004LSA20MB
R918C00123 AZPF-11-004RAB1MB
R918C00108 AZPF-10-004RQR20MB
R918C00106 AZPF-10-004RRR20MB
R918C00094 AZPF-12-004RCB20KB
R918C00074 AZPF-11-004RCN20MB
R918C00052 AZPB-10-3,0RCPXXMA-S0072
R918C00042 AZPB-10-2,0LCP2MB
R918C00023 AZPB-10-1,0RCP2MB
R918BJ0786 AZPF-11-011RRR20KB-S0023
R918A03158 AZPFF-11-011/005RRR2020MB
R902650646 AZPN-11-025RDC07KB-S0023&
R902650584 AZPF-11-019LRR20KB-S0023
R902650583 AZPF-11-019RRR20KB-S0023&

R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB
R902650577 AZPF-11-011RRR20KB-S0023&
R902650572 AZPF-11-004LRR20KB-S0023
1517222370 AZPF-10-004RCB20MM
510901010 AZPFF-11-019/019LRR2020MB
510766309 AZPGG-12-028/028LDC2020MB
510766010 AZPNF-11-025/014RDC2020KB
510765364 AZPFF-11-022/022LRR2020KB-S0023
510765065 AZPNF-11-032/011RDC720KB-S0023
510765064 AZPNF-11-032/008RDC720KB-S0023
510725407 AZPN-11-032LDC7KB-S0023
510725405 AZPN-11-025LDC7KB-S0023
510725328 AZPG-11-045LDC20MB
510725324 AZPG-11-032LDC20MB
510725106 AZPN-11-032RDC7KB-S0023
510725105 AZPN-11-028RDC7KB-S0023
510725102 AZPF-11-022RRR20KB-S0023
510725030 AZPF-12-022RCB20KB
510665023 AZPFF-10-016/016RCB2020MB
510625071 AZPF-11-016RRR20KB-S0023
510525376 AZPF-11-011LAB1MB
510525073 AZPF-11-014RRR20KB-S0023
510525072 AZPF-11-011RRR20KB-S0023
510525018 AZPF-10-014RCB20MB
510425009 AZPF-10-008RCB20MB
510365305 AZPFF-12-005/004LCP2020KB-S0007
510225006 AZPF-12-004RCB20KB
R988017954 A4VG125HD9MT1 A11VO60LRDS A10VO28DR AZPF
R902411444 A10VSO28DRG A10VSO18DRG AZPF-016RRR20KB
R901138019 P2V7/16-20C3 AZPF/011RE01 R20E4
R901135916 P2V7/25-30C0 AZPF/022RE01 R20E4
R901130684 P2V7/16-20C0 AZPF/011RE01 R20E4
R901130068 P2R4-3X/2,50-700RK01M01 AZPF8
R901126093 P2R4-3X/6,30-500RK01M01 AZPF16
R901125412 P2R4-3X/5,00-500RK01M01 AZPF8
R901123370 P3R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPFF11-8
R901123350 P2R4-3X/2,50-700RK01M01 AZPF16
R901123245 P2V7/16-20C0 AZPF/019RE01 R20E4
R901123202 P2V7/25-30C0 AZPF/008RE01 R20E4
R901122164 P2R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPF28
R901117016 P2R4-3X/1,60-700RK01M03 AZPF14
R901114665 P2R4-3X/6,30-500RK01M01 AZPF25
R901114069 P2R4-3X/3,15-700RK01M08 AZPF22
R901113104 P2R4-3X/5,00-500RK01M01 AZPF16
R901111859 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-05/90L/L/74/010G067A
R901110928 P2GH4/080 AZPF/014RE07 R20E4
R901107762 P3V7/40-71C0 V7/10-20C0 AZPF/004RE37 *A
R901107416 P2V4 AZPFF/R900585271 0510901042
R901107068 P2R4-3X/4,00-700RK01M01 AZPF19
R901106354 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPB-3/71/62/004C222A
R901104849 P2R4-3X/2,50-700RK01M01 AZPF22
R901104830 P2V7/06-10A0 AZPF/005RE01 R20E4*A
R901103332 P2R4-3X/4,00-700RK01M01 AZPF11
R901101135 P2R4-3X/8,00-500RK01M01 AZPF28
R901101133 P2R4-3X/2,50-700RK01M01 AZPF5
R901100085 P2V7/16-20C0 AZPF/005RE01 R20E4
R901098954 P2R4-3X/8,00-500RK01M01 AZPF4
R901096345 P2V7/06-10A0 AZPF/008RE01 R20E4*A
R901096111 P3V7/63-71C0 V7/40-45C0 AZPF/008RE07 *A
R901095739 P2GH4/100 AZPF/016RR07 R20U2
R901094489 ABKAG-20AL9/VAZPF-04/100L/71/002G291A
R901094326 P2R4-3X/6,30-500RK01M01 AZPF22
R901093851 P2R4-3X/8,00-500RK01M01 AZPF25
R901093841 P2R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPF8
R901093627 P2R4-3X/6,30-500RK01M01 AZPF28
R901092143 SY2DFE1-2X/045-AZP/01090299 0510525072
R901092142 ABHAG-0015SSO/HAZPF-16/100//R901092142A
R901090374 SY2DFE1-2X/045-AZP/01090299 0510725102
R901090298 SY2DFE1-2X/028-AZP/00742337 0510525072
R901089949 P2R4-3X/4,00-700RK01M01 AZPF22
R901089082 P2R4-3X/2,50-700RK01M01 AZPF11
R901089057 P2R4-3X/3,15-700RK01M01 AZPF22
R901088379 P2R4-3X/5,00-500RK01M01 AZPF11

R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB
R901088162 r921851190C0 AZPF/011RE37 R20E4
R901087122 P2V7/25-30D0 AZPF/008RE01 R20E4
R901085617 ABAPG-AZPF-011C20/90L-4-A1/S
R901085507 P2R4-3X/1,60-700RK01M01 AZPF5
R901084311 P2R4-3X/1,60-700RK01M01 AZPF25
R901084019 ABHPG-AZPF-004C20/90L-4-A1K/SFRSEW
R901083640 P2V7/10-14C0 AZPF/004RE01 R20E4
R901083480 P2V7/63-94C0 AZPF/004RE07 R20E4
R901083345 P2V7/16-30C0 AZPF/008RE01 R20E4
R901082793 P2R4-3X/1,60-700RK01M01 AZPF19
R901082107 P3R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPFF16-8
R901082063 SY2DFEE-2X/045-AZP/00740655 0510225020
R901081984 P3R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPFF8-4
R901081927 P2V7/16-20C0 AZPF/008RE01 R20E4
R901081076 P2R4-3X/10,00-500RK01M01 AZPF25
R901080578 P2R4-3X/6,30-500RK01M01 AZPF11
R901080256 ABSKG-10AL8/VAZPB-3/90L-4-A1/1
R901080184 P2R4-3X/5,00-500RK01M01 AZPF22
R901080056 SY2DFE1-2X/045-AZP/00762351 0510725077
R901079946 UMBAUSATZPR4-3X/.. AZPF(F)
R901078475 P2R4-3X/1,60-700RK01M01 AZPF11
R901076680 P2R4-3X/3,15-700RK01M01 AZPF16
R901076676 P2R4-3X/1,60-700RK01M01 AZPF16
R901076174 ABHPG-AZPF-008C20/80-4-A0/S
R901075944 P2GH4/080 AZPF/004RE07 R20U2
R901075721 ABHAG-70SSO/AZPF-05/100L/61ENTW/004C096A
R901074720 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-08/112M/61/004C083A
R901074719 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-14/132M/61/004C084A
R901074320 P3V7/10-14C0 AZPFF/005-005RE01 R2020E4
R901074211 P2V7/16-20C0 AZPF/004RE01 R20E4
R901073814 P2R4-3X/10,00-500RK01M01 AZPF16
R901073474 P2R4-3X/1,60-700RK01M01 AZPF22
R901073418 P2R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPF16
R901072923 ABAPG-AZPF-008C20/80-4-C0/EE
R901072358 P2R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPF19
R901072293 P2R4-3X/3,15-500RK01M01 AZPF11
R901072122 P2V7/100-118C0 AZPF/019RE07 R20E4
R901070385 P3V7/63-71C0 AZPFF/005-005RE07 R2020E4
R901070367 P2V7/25-30C0 AZPF/005RE01 R20E4
R901069794 ABAPG-AZPF-008C20/80-4-A0/S
R901067018 P2V7/25-30C0 AZPF/016RE01 R20E4
R901066603 P2V7/40-45C0 AZPF/016RE37 R20E4
R901063627 P2V7/10-14C3 AZPF/004RE01 R20E4
R901063538 P3V7/40-45C0 AZPFF/011-008RE37 R2020E4
R901060622 P2V7/20-20A0 AZPF/004RE01 R20E4*A
R901059276 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPS-008/100L/1/002F839A
R901057703 P2V7/63-71C0 AZPF/004RE07 R20E4
R901056672 ABKAG-40AL9/AZPF-005/112M/63W/012B853-G1
R901055640 ABHAG-160S40/AZPF-011/132M/A10M523A
R901051050 ABAPG-AZPB-2,0C2M/90S-4-A0/SVEM
R901048056 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-08/90L/L/76NO/010F863A
R901040088 P2V7/16-30C0 AZPF/004RE01 R20E4
R901038500 ABHAG-0160SSO/VAZPF-16/132M/019A337A
R901038499 ABHAG-0160SSO/VAZPF-04/90L/019A335A
R901038489 ABHAG-0160SSO/VAZPF-08/112M/019A336A1
R901037172 ABHAG-0100ESO/AZPF-008/100L/004B927A
R901032229 P2V7/06-10A0 AZPF/004RE01 R20E4*A
R901032144 P2V7/40-45C0 AZPF/004RE37 R20E4
R901025245 ABKAG-40AL9/AZPF-005/112M/63W/012B853-B2
R901022304 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-05/112M/1/K10244272
R901016053 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-08/100L/1/017XXXXX
R901013226 ABVPG-AZPF-011C20/90L-4-A1/SFR
R901010667 ABSKG-20AL9/AZPF-10-004/100L/62/012B838
R900964734 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-16/100L/63/017C939A
R900953121 ABHAG-0040ESO/AZPF-008/90L/004A921A
R900953120 ABHAG-0020ESO/AZPF-004/71/004A920A
R900939486 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-08/132S-4-B0/L
R900939478 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-04/90L-4-A1/L
R900939453 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-05/90L-4-A1/L
R900939444 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-08/100L-4-A1/L
R900939438 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-04/90L-4-A1/L
R900939422 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-08/132S-4-B0/
R900939421 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-08/100L-4-A1/
R900939416 ABSKG-60AL9/VAZPF-04/100L-4-A1/
R900939389 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-08/132S-4-B0/
R900939388 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-08/100L-4-A1/
R900939385 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-05/100L-4-A1/
R900938935 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-08/112M-4-B0/
R900938934 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-08/100L-4-A1/
R900938930 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-05/100L-4-A1/
R900938929 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-05/90L-4-A1/
R900938927 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-04/100L-4-A1/
R900938926 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-4/90L-4-A1/
R900938914 ABSKG-20AL9/VAZPF-04/71-4-A1/
R900922177 ABHPG-AZPF-004C20/100L-SO-125V/A11K467A2
R900907436 ABKAG-60AL9/VAZPF-08/132S/P/A11K435A
R900782690 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-011/100L/63N/K306207
R900770627 ABAPG-AZPF-011C20/100L-4-A0/SFRW
R900770583 ABAPG-AZPF-004C20/100L-4-A0/S
R900721250 ABSKG-40AL9/VAZPF-04/90L/71/002E259A

R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB Features:

  • Consistent high quality based on large-volume production
  • Long service life
  • Slide bearings for high loads
  • Drive shafts according to ISO or SAE and customer-specific solutions
  • Line ports: connection flange or screw thread
  • Combination of several pumps possible

R918C02383 AZPF-22-022LRR20MB Technical data


4 5 8 11 14 16 19 22 4 5 8 11 14 16 19 22 25 28


Series 1x Series 2x

geometric, per revolution



4 5.5 8 11 14 16 19 22.5 4 5.5 8 11 14 16 19 22.5 25 28

Pressure at suction port S 1)




0.7 ... 3

Maximum continuous pressure



250 250 250 250 250 250 210 180 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 220 195 170

Maximum intermittent pressure 2)



280 280 280 280 280 280 230 210 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 250 225 200

Maximum pressure peaks



300 300 300 300 300 300 250 230 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 290 265 240

Minimum speed at

ν = 12 mm²/s




600 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 600 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500

p = 100 … 180 bar



1200 1200 1000 1000 800 800 800 800 1200 1200 100 100 800 800 800 800 800 800

p = 180 bar … p2



1400 1400 1400 1200 1000 1000 1000 1000 1400 1400 1400 1200 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000

ν = 25 mm²/s

at p2



700 700 700 600 500 500 500 500 700 700 700 600 500 500 500 500 500 500

Maximum speed


at p2



4000 4000 4000 3500 3000 3000 3000 2500 4000 4000 4000 3500 3000 3000 3500 3500 3000 3000
1) In the case of tandem pumps, the suction-side pressure difference between the individual pump stages must not exceed 0,5 bar.
2) Limited service life with threaded line ports and p2 > 210 bar


  • Safety requirements pertaining to the whole systems are to be observed.
  • Please contact us for applications with frequent load changes.
  • Gear pump is a rotary pump which relies on the change and movement of working volume between pump cylinder and meshing gear to transfer liquid or make it pressurized. The two gears, the pump body and the front and rear cover constitute two closed spaces. When the gear rotates, the volume of the space on the gear detached side increases from small to large, forming a vacuum, and the liquid is sucked in. The space on the meshing side of the gear decreases from large to small, and the liquid is squeezed into the pipeline. The suction chamber and the discharge chamber are separated by the meshing line of the two gears. The pressure of the discharge port of the gear pump depends entirely on the resistance of the pump.
  • As a manufacturer of gearboxes and hydraulic systems, drive and control specialist Rexroth provides system solutions to fan manufacturers.

  • BOSCH Rexroth is the world's leading expert in transmission and control technology. Bosch Rexroth is one of the world's leading industrial and factory automation, walking machinery applications and renewable energy applications markets by providing tailor-made solutions to more than 500,000 customers in more than 80 countries.

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