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PVB45-RSF-20-C10 EATON-VICKERS PVB Series Piston Pump

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name VICKERS
Certification CE ISO
Model Number PVB45-RSF-20-C10
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Packaging Details standrd package
Delivery Time 5-7 work day
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 60 pcs

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Vickers piston pump

PVB45-RSF-20-CC-11-PRC PVB5-RSY-20-C-11 PVB5LSY21C11.
PVB5-FRDY-20-M-10. PVB5-LS-20-C-11-PRC PVB5-LSY-21-C-11.
PVB5-FRDY-21-M-10. PVB5-RSY-20-C-11-JA-S7 PVB5-RC-
PVB5-FRS-20-C-11. PVB6-RSY-21-CM-11 PVB5-LS-20-C-11-PRC
PVB5-FRSY-20-C-11. PVB6-RSY-40-C12 PVB5-RSY-20-CC-11
PVB5-LS-20-C-11-PRC. PVB6-RSW-21-CM-11-PRC PVB5-LSY-20-CC-11.
PVB5-LS-20-C-11-Y100. PVB6-YSW-21-CM-11-PRC PVB5-LSY-20-CG-11.
PVB5-LS-20-CC-11-PRC. PVB10-LSY-41-CC-12 PVB10-RDY-31-H-10
PVB5-LS-20-CCG-11-PRC PVB10-RSXY-31-CM-11 PVB10-RSY-40-C-11
PVB5-LS-20-CG-11-PRC. PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11-JA PVB10-FRSY-30-11-GK
PVB5-LS-20-C-Y100. PVB10-RSY-30-C-11-JA PVB5-LST-20-C-11.
PVB5-LS-21-C-11-PRC. PVB10-RSY-31-CMC11 PVB10-RS-32-C-11

Vickers Vickers piston pump PVB15 series:

PVB15-FLSXY-31-CM-11. PVB15-RSW-20-CC-11-PRC. PVB15RDY31M10.
PVB15-LC-70.PVB15-LDY-31-M-10. PVB15-RSW-31-C-11. PVB15-RDY-31-M-10.
PVB15-LS-20-C-11-PRC. PVB15-RSW-31-C-11-PRC. PVB15-RS-20-CC-11-PRC.
PVB15-LS-20-CVP-11. PVB15-RSW-31-CC-11-PRC. PVB15RS31C11.
PVB15-LS-31-C-11. PVB15-RSW-31-CMC-11-PRC. PVB15-RS-31-C-11.
PVB15-LS-31-C-11-PRC. PVB15-RSW-32-CC-11-PRC. PVB15-RS-31-C-11-PRC.
PVB15-LS-31-CE-11-PRC. PVB15-RSW-32-CMC-11-PRC. PVB15-RS-31-CC-11.
PVB15-LS-31-CG-11. PVB15-RSY-20-C. PVB15-RS-32-CC-11-PRC.
PVB15-LS-31-CMC-11-PRC. PVB15-RS-32-C-11-PRC PVB15-RS-32-CD-11-PRC.
PVB15-LS-32-C-11-PRC. PVB15-RSY-20-CM-11. PVB15-RSW-20-C-11-PRC.
PVB15-LSY-20-CC. PVB15-RSY-31-C. PVB15-LSY-31-CG-11.
PVB15-LSY-20-CVP-11. PVB15RSY31C11. PVB15-LSY-31-CVP-11.
PVB15-LSY-21-C-11. PVB15-RSY-31-C-11. PVB15RC70.PVB15-RC-70.
PVB15LSY31C. PVB-15-RSY-31-C-11. PVB15-RD-31-M-11-PRC.
PVB15LSY31C11. PVB15RSY31CC11. PVB15-RSY-31-CM-11.
PVB15-LSY-31-C-11. PVB15-RSY-31-CC-11. PVB15-RSY-CG-11.
PVB15-LSY-31-CC-11. PVB15-RSY-31-CC-PRC. PVB15-RS-32-CV-11-PRC.

Vickers Vickers piston pump PVB20 series:

PFB20-L-10-PRC. PVB20-RSY-20-C. PVB20-RS-20-C-11-PRC.
PFBQA20-R-10-PRC. PVB20RSY20C11. PVB20-RS-20-CC-11.
PVB20-FRS-20-C-11. PVB20-RSY-20-C-11. PVB20-RS-20-CC-11-PRC.
PVB20LC70. PVB20-RSY-20-CC-11. PVB20-RS-20-CM-11.
PVB20-LS-20-C-11-PRC. PVB20-RSY-20-CM-11. PVB20-RS-20-CVP-11.
PVB20-LS-20-CC-11-PRC. PVB20-RSY-21-C-11. PVB20-RS-22-C-11-PRC.
PVB20-LS-20-CE-11-PRC. PVB20RSY22C11. PVB20-RS-22-CC-11-PRC.
PVB20-LS-20-CVP-11-PRC. PVB20-RSY-22-C-11. PVB20-RS-31-C-11-PRC.
PVB20-LS-22-C-11-PRC. PVB20RSY31C11. PVB20-RS-CM-11.
PVB20RC70.PVB20-RC-70. PVB20-RSY-31-C-11. PVB20-RSW-20-C-11-PRC.
PVB20RS20C11. PVB20-RSY-31-CM-11. PVB20-RSW-20-CC-11-PRC.
PVB20-RS-20-C-11. PVB20RSY41C10.  

Vickers Vickers piston pump PVB29 series:

PVB29-FRS-20-CMC-11. PVB29-RSY-20-CCG-11. PVB29RS20C11.
PVB29-FRSY-20-CMC-11. PVB29-RSY-20-CM. PVB29-RS-20-C-11.
PVB29LC70.PVB29-LC-70. PVB29-RSY-20-CM-11. PVB29-RS-20-C-11-PRC.
PVB29LS20C11. PVB29-RSY-21-C-11. PVB29-RS-20-C-11-PRC/V.
PVB29-LS-20-C-11. PVB29RSY22C11. PVB29-RS-20-CC-11.
PVB29-LS-20-CG-11. PVB29-RSY-22-C-11. PVB29-RS-20-CC-11-PRC.
PVB29-LS-20-CM-11. PVB29-RSY-22-CC-11. PVB29-RS-20-CG-11.
PVB29-LS-20-CMC-11. PVB29-RSY-22-CM-11 PVB29-RS-20-CG-11-PRC.
PVB29-LSG-20-C-11. PVB29-RSY-31-CC-11. PVB29-RS-20-CM-11.
PVB29-LSY-20-C-11. PVB29RSY41C12. PVB29-RS-20-CMC-11.
PVB29LSY21C11. PVB29-RSY-C-20-11. PVB29-RS-22-C-11-PRC.
PVB29-LSY-21-C-11. PVB29-RSY-CM-11. PVB29-RS-22-CG-11-PRC.
PVB29RC70. PVB29-RSY-CM-20-11. PVB29-RS-31-C-11.
PVB29-RC-70. PVB29RSY31C11. PVB29-RSG-20-CM-11.
PVB29-RSY-20-C-11. PVB29-RSY-20-CC-11. PVB29-RSW-20-CC-11-PRC.

Vickers Vickers piston pump PVB45 series:

M-PVB45-LSF-10-C-11-PRC. PVB45-RSF-20-C. PVB45-FRSF-20-C-11-PRC.
M-PVB45-LSF-20-C. PVB45RSF20C11. PVB45-FRSF-20-C-12.
PVB45ARC20CA11. PVB45-RSF-20-C-11. PVB45-FRSF-20-CC-11-PRC.
PVB45ARCA70. PVB45-RSF-20-C-11-PRC. PVB45-FRSF-20-CMC-11-PRC.
PVB45A-RSF-20-CA. PVB45-RSF-20-C-12. PVB45-FRSF-20-CVP-11-PRC.
PVB45A-RSF-20-CA-11. PVB45-RSF-20-CC-11-PRC. PVB45-RC-70.
PVB45-ARSF-20-CA-12. PVB45-RSF-20-CM-11. PVB45-FRSF-20-C.
PVB45-FLSF-20-C-11-PRC. PVB45-RSF-20-CM-11-PRC/V. PVB45FRSF20C11.
PVB45-FLSF-20-CVP-11-PRC. PVB45-RSF-20-CVP-11-PRC. PVB45-FRSF-20-C-11.

Plunger pump is divided into two representative types of axial piston pump and radial piston pump; as the plunger pump of radial piston pump is a new type of high-efficiency pump with high technical content, with the acceleration of domestic production, radial piston pump will inevitably become an important part of the field of plunger pump application. The plunger pump is the plunger pump with reciprocating direction of piston or plunger perpendicular to the driving shaft. The working principle of radial piston pump: the driving torque is transmitted from the driving shaft to the star-shaped hydraulic cylinder rotor through the cross coupling, and the stator is not subject to other lateral forces. The rotor is mounted on the distributing shaft. The radial arrangement of the plunger in the rotor is pressed against the eccentric travel stator through the static pressure sliding boots. The plunger is connected to the ball joint of the slipper and is locked by a clamping spring. The two retaining rings clip the slipper on the stroke stator. When the pump is rotating, it depends on centrifugal force and hydraulic pressure on the inner surface. When the rotor rotates, due to the fixed eccentricity, the plunger will reciprocate, and its stroke is twice the set eccentricity. The eccentricity of the stator can be adjusted by the two column Posts relative to the radial position of the pump body. The inlet and outlet of oil passes through the runner of the pump body and the distribution shaft and is controlled by the suction port of the distribution shaft. The hydraulic pressure generated in the pump body is absorbed by the surface of the static pressure balance. The static pressure balance of the friction pair has been compensated by the over balance pressure method, and the open-loop control has been formed. The bearing supporting the driving shaft only plays a supporting role and is not affected by other external forces. Hydraulic system: Axial piston pump is the use of parallel to the drive shaft piston in the piston hole reciprocating motion produced by the volume change to work. Because the plunger and the plunger hole of the plunger pump are circular parts, they can achieve high accuracy when machining.

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Product Description: inclined axial piston variable displacement pump for open loop hydrostatic transmission. The flow rate and speed are directly proportional to the displacement, and the stepless variable can be realized at constant speed.

Features: between the rotor and the oil distributor for spherical oil distribution, in motion can automatically center, low cycle speed, high efficiency.

Control mode: LV constant power control, DR constant voltage control, EL electric proportional control, HD hydraulic control, MA manual control

Precautions: 1., the cleanliness of hydraulic oil should be maintained on any occasion.

2. replace hydraulic fluid regularly (1000~3000 hours or six months).

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