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PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4702F Nachi Piston Pump

Place of Origin JAPAN
Brand Name NACHI
Certification CE ISO
Model Number PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4702F
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price contact us
Packaging Details standrd package
Delivery Time 5-7 work day
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 50 pcs

Product Features

Product Description

Nachi series:

PVD-2B-32L; PVD-2B-34 walking; PVD-2B-34L (small digging main pump); PVD-2B-36L/38/40; PVD-2B-42; PVD-2B-63; PVD45; no less than 130; PVK-2B-505 (ZAX55 main pump); YC35-6 Yuchai small digging rotary motor; PCL-200-18B (Yuchai 55 rotary); mountain cat 331 digging machine (rotary); mountain cat walking motor (337).

Japan NACHI professional gear pump: model: IPH (2A, 2B) 3.5/5/6.5/8,

3A, 3B) 10/13/16, (4A, 4B) 20/25/32, (5A, 5B) 40/50/64/, (6A, 6B) 6A.

The performance of NACHI gear pump is as follows:

high efficiency

The patented technology improves the efficiency by means of axial and radial pressure. The pressure can reach 30Mpa {306kgf/cm2 high pressure}.

Long service life

Good abrasion resistance and strong service life.

Low noise

With the modified involute, the short teeth internal meshing design reduces the pulse, reduces the noise, and is very quiet.

Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

Japan's No. 2 Vietnamese manufacturers strictly select raw materials, using advanced precision processing technology, noise generated by equipment using low noise processing, so as to achieve low noise, quiet operation!

gear pump

NACHI.IPH-2B-3.5-11 NACHI.IPH-6A-80-21

NACHI.IPH-2B-5-11 NACHI. IPH-6A-100-21

NACHI.IPH-2B-6.5-11 NACHI. IPH-6A-125-21

NACHI.IPH-2B-8-11 NACHI. IPH-3A-16-20

NACHI.IPH-2A-3.5-11 NACHI.IPH-2A-5-11

NACHI.IPH-2A-6.5-11 NACHI.IPH-2A-8-11

NACHI.IPH-3B-10-20 NACHI.IPH-3B-13-20

NACHI.IPH-3B-16-20 NACHI.IPH-3A-10-20

IPH-2A-3.5-11 IPH-2B-8-11

IPH-3A-10-20 IPH-3B-16-20

IPH-4A-20-20 IPH-4B-32-20

IPH-5A-40-21 IPH-5B-64-21

IPH-6A-80-21 IPH-6B-125-21

IPH duplex gear pump:




IPH-22B-3.5-3.5-11 IPH-22B-3.5-5-11 IPH-22B-3.5-6.5-11

IPH-22B-3.5-8-11 IPH-22B-5-5-11 IPH-22B-5-6.5-11

IPH-22B-5-8-11 IPH-22B-6.5-8-11 IPH-8-8-11 IPH-23B-3.5-10-11 IPH-23B-3.5-13-11 IPH-23B-3.5-16-11

IPH-23B-5-10-11 IPH-23B-5-13-11 IPH-23B-5-16-11

IPH-23B-8-10-11 IPH-23B-8-13-11 IPH-23B-8-16-11

IPH-55B-40-40-11 IPH-55B-40-50-11 IPH-55B-40-64-11

IPH-55B-50-50-11 IPH-55B-50-64-11 IPH-55B-64-64-11

IPH-56B-40-80-11 IPH-56B-40-100-11 IPH56B-40-125-11 IPH-56B-50-80-11 IPH-56B-50-100-11 IPH-56B-50-125-11

IPH-56B-64-80-11 IPH-56B-64-100-11 IPH-56B-64-125-11

IPH-66B-80-100-11 IPH-66B-80-125-11 IPH-66B-100-100-11

IPH-66B-100-125-11 IPH-66B-125-125-11


PVS-0B-8N0-30 PVS-0B-8N3-30

PVS-1B-16N0-12 PVS-1B-22N3-12

PVS-2B-35N0-12 PVS-2B-35N3-12

PVS-2B-45N0-12 PVS-2B-45N3-20

PZS-3B-70N1-10 PZS-3B-70N3-10

PZS-3B-70N4-10 PZS-4B-100N1-10

PZS-4B-100N3-10 PZS-4B-100N4-10

PZS-5B-130N1-10 PZS-5B-130N3-10

PZS-5B-130N4-10 PZS-6B-180N1-10

PZS-6B-180N3-10 PZS-6B-180N4-10

PZS-6B-220N1-10 PZS-6B-220N3-10

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