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2520VQ17C11 11CC20 Eaton Vickers Vane Pump

Place of Origin JAPAN
Brand Name Vickers
Certification Check with our Company
Model Number 2520VQ17C11 11CC20
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Packaging Details Original package
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Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 273

Product Features

Product Details

Condition:New Brand:EATON / VICKERS
Application:Industrial MPN:2520VQ17C11 11CC20
Power Source:HYDRAULIC UPC:Does not apply

Product Description

2520VQ17C11 11CC20 Eaton Vickers Vane Pump:

2520VQ17C11 11CC20 Eaton Vickers Vane Pump provides the most complete hydraulic vane pump for industrial use. Various types of single-pump and multi-pump configurations allow you to choose the right pump or pump set for your purpose.


This cost-effective pump has a noise level of 210 bar (3000 psi) to 62 dB (A). The shutdown time can be shortened to improve productivity by replacing the core of the pump in-situ repair.

General description

Mother and child vane pumps provide long life, high productivity and application flexibility. Very low noise level for the most demanding industrial applications. The compact size and simple use make the design of the equipment most flexible. Single pump, double pump and shaft drive pump are available.

Characteristics and advantages

The ability to achieve high working pressure in compact size ensures high power-weight ratio and low installation cost. The inherent low noise characteristic of the mother and child blade mechanism improves the comfort of the operator.

Cleanliness of oil

Correct oil condition is essential for long and satisfactory life of hydraulic components and systems. Hydraulic oils must have a correct balance between cleanliness, materials and additives (used to protect components from wear, increase viscosity and clean air).

Vickers 2520V(Q) seires tandem vane pumps have been made in several designs for many years in various applications.

Metro Fluid Power stocks every combonation of 2520V(Q) ever made, with every shaft option provided. 10 vane, 12 vane, VQ, High Pressure VQH, or thru drive - we have the vane pump or parts you need in stock for immediate shipment.

OEM New, Remanufactured, and replacements are in stock for this series.

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Product Code:

2525V14A14 86CC22R 4525V50A21 86AA 22R
2525V14A14 86AA22R 4525V50A21 86BA 22R
2520V21AM8 86AA22R 4525V50A21 86BC 22R
2520V21A8 86CC22R 4525V50A21 86CC 22R
2520V21A8 86AA22R 4525V50A21 86DB 22R
2520V21A8 1DC22R 4525V50A21 86DC 22R
2520V21A8 1CC22R 4525V60A12 86AA 22R
2520V21A8 1CC22R 4525V60A12 86CC 22L
2520V21A8 1BA22R 4525V60A14 1CC 22R
2520V21A8 1AA22R 4525V60A14 86AA 22R
2520V21A5 86AC22R 4525V60A14 86CC 22R
2520V21A5 1CC22R 4525V60A17 1CC 22R
2520V21A5 1CB22L 4525V60A17 1CC 22L
2520V21A5 1BA22R 4525V60A17 1DC 22R
2520V21A5 1AD22R 4525V60A17 86AA 22R
2520V21A5 1AB22R 4525V60A17 86CC 22R
2520V21A5 1AA22R 4525V60A21 11AA 22R
2520V21A5 11AA22R 4525V60A21 1AA 22R
2520V21A2 1AA22R 4525V60A21 1CA 22R
2520V21A14 86AA22R 4525V60A21 1CB 22R
2520V21A14 1DB22R 4525V60A21 1CC 22R
2520V21A14 1CC22R 4525V60A21 86AA 22R
2520V21A14 1BC22R 4525V60A21 86AC 22L
2520V21A14 1BA22R 4525V60A21 86AD 22R
2520V21A14 1AD22R 4525V60A21 86BB 22R
2520V21A14 1AA22R 4525V60A21 86CC 22R
2520V21A14 11AA22R 4525V60A21 86CC 22L
2520V21A12 1CC22R 4525V60A21 86DA 22R
2520V21A12 1AA22L 4525V60A21 86DC 22R
2520V21A12 1AA22R 4535V60A30 1CC 22R
2520V21A11 86AA22R 4535V42A25 1CC 22R
2520V21A11 1CC22R 4535V42A25 86AA 22R
2520V21A11 1CB22R 4535V42A25 86AB 22R
2520V21A11 1BB22L 4535V42A25 86AD 22R
2520V21A11 1BB 22R 4535V42A25 86CC 22R
2520V21A11 1BA22R 4535V42A30 11AA 22R
2520V21A11 1AD22R 4535V42A30 11BB 22L
2520V21A11 1AA22R 4535V42A30 86AA 22R
2520V21A11 1AA22L 4535V42A30 86AB 22R
2520V17A8 86AA22R 4535V42A30 86CC 22R
2520V17A8 1DD22R 4535V42A30 86DD 22R
2520V17A8 1CC22L 4535V42A30 1AA 22R
2520V17A8 1CC22R 4535V42A35 1CC 22R
2520V17A8 1CB22R 4535V42A35 86AA 22R
2520V17A8 1BB22R 4535V42A38 11AA 22R
2520V17A8 1AC22R 4535V42A38 1DD 22L
2520V17A8 1AA22R 4535V42A38 86AA 22R
2520V17A8 11CC22R 4535V42A38 86AB 22R
2520V17A8 11AA22R 4535V50A30 1AA 22R
2520V17A5 86AA22R 4535V50A25 11AA 22R
2520V17A5 1DC22R 4535V50A25 1BB 22R
2520V17A5 1CC22R 4535V50A25 1CC 22R
2520V17A5 1BB22R 4535V50A25 86AA 22R
2520V17A5 1BA22R 4535V50A25 86BD 22R
2520V17A5 1AA22R 4535V50A25 86CC 22R
2520V17A5 11AD22R 4535V50A25 86DD 22R
2520V17A2 1AA22R 4535V50A30 11AA22R
2520V17A14 86CC22R 4535V50A30 11CC 22R
2520V17A14 1CC22R 4535V50A30 86AA 22R
2520V17A14 1CB22R 4535V50A30 86AA 22L
2520V17A14 1AA22R 4535V50A30 86AD 22R
2520V17A14 11DC22R 4535V50A30 86BB 22R
2520V17A14 11AA22R 4535V50A30 86CC 22R
2520V17A12 1CC22R 4535V50A30 86DD 22R
2520V17A12 1AB22R 4535V50A35 11AA 22R
2520V17A12 1AA22R 4535V50A35 1AA 22L
2520V17A11 1CC22R 4535V50A35 1CC 22R
2520V17A11 1BA22R 4535V50A35 86AA 22R
2520V17A11 1AD22R 4535V50A35 86AB 22L
2520V17A11 1AA22R 4535V50A35 86AD 22R
2520V17A11 11AA22R 4535V50A35 86BB 22R
2520V14A811AA22R 4535V50A35 86CC 22R
2520V14A8 1DD22R 4535V50A35 86DC 22R
2520V14A8 1DB22L 4535V50A35 86DD 22R
2520V14A8 1CC22R 4535V50A35 1DD 22R
2520V14A8 1BA22R 4535V50A38 11AA 22R
2520V14A8 1AC22R 4535V50A38 11CC 22R
2520V14A8 1AA22R 4535V50A38 1AA 22R
2520V14A5 86AA22R 4535V50A38 1AC 22R
2520V14A5 1CC22R 4535V50A38 1DD 22R
2520V14A5 1BB22R 4535V50A38 86AA 22R
2520V14A5 1AD22R 4535V50A38 86BB 22R
2520V14A5 1AC22R 4535V50A38 86CC 22R
2520V14A5 1AA22R 4535V60A25 1BB 22R
2520V14A2 1CC22R 4535V60A25 86AA 22R
2520V14A14 86BA22R 4535V60A25 86CC 22R
2520V14A14 1CC22R 4535V60A25 86DD 22R
2520V14A14 1AA22R 4535V60A30 1AA 22R
2520V14A12 1CC22R 4535V60A30 1BB 22L
2520V14A12 1AA22R 4535V60A30 1BB 22R
2520V14A12 11DC22R 4535V60A30 1DD 22L
2520V14A12 11CC22R 4535V60A30 86AA 22L
2520V14A11 1CC22R 4535V60A30 86AA 22R
2520V14A11 1AB22R 4535V60A30 86BB 22R
2520V14A11 1AA22R 4535V60A30 86CC 22R
2520V12A8 1CC22R 4535V60A30 86DD 22R
2520V12A8 1CB22R 4535V60A35 11AA 22R
2520V12A8 1AA22R 4535V60A35 1CC 22R
2520V12A8 11AD22R 4535V60A35 86AA 22R
2520V12A5 1CC22R 4535V60A35 86AA 22L
2520V12A5 1BA22R 4535V60A35 86CC 22R
2520V12A5 1AC22R 4535V60A35 86DD 22R
2520V12A5 1AB22R 4535V60A38 11AA 22R
2520V12A5 1AA22R 4535V60A38 11AB 22R
2520V12A5 11AA22R 4535V60A38 1AA 22R
2520V12A2 1AA22R 4535V60A38 1AB 22L
2520V12A12 1CC22R 4535V60A38 1CC 22R
2520V12A12 1AA22R 4535V60A38 86AA 22L
2520V12A12 11AA22L 4535V60A38 86AA 22R
2520V12A11 86AA22R 4535V60A38 86AD 22R
2520V12A11 1CC22R 4535V60A38 86BB 22R
2520V12A11 1AA22R 4535V60A38 86BD 22R
2520V12A11 11DD22R 4535V60A38 86CC 22L
2520V12A11 11AD22R 4535V60A38 86CC 22R
2520V10A2 1AAR 4535V60A38 86DD 22R

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